Meditating: Easy Peasy (learn how to start meditating)

//Meditating: Easy Peasy (learn how to start meditating)

Meditating: Easy Peasy (learn how to start meditating)

Now that we all know why we should be meditating, we thought we’d share simple 3 step info-graph on How to Meditate. First, there is really no wrong way to meditate and we are happy that you’re even taking time to relax and find a peaceful mind; but for those not sure how to start here’s a simple guide with some tips and tricks below.
Meditating Step by Step (1)


Quick Tips (to get more out of meditating):

These are just extra tips on posture but are not necessary in the beginning of your meditation!

  1. Cross your legs to reduce thoughts and feelings of desirous attachment
  2. Place your right hand in your left with your palms up and resting below your navel (your two thumbs at your navel symbolize the blazing of inner fire). This is to help develop your concentration. (Your right hand symbolizes method and your left symbolizes wisdom.)
  3. Having straight but not tense posture will develop and maintain clarity while subtly allowing energy winds to flow freely
  4. Your shoulders should be level with your elbows held away for better air circulation
  5. The eyes are neither wide open or completely shut, but should gaze down the nose to balance between mental excitement and mental sinking

You can start meditating slowly and regularly with only 2-5 mins. Do not feel like you have to start off with a 30 min meditation session. Just starting to meditate regularly is a big improvement and feel free to work your way up to meditating to 30 mins or even an hour. If you have a 5 minute break at work then take it and meditate! Trust us, you’ll feel more mentally clear after just a couple minutes.

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