How to know when to use Super Herbal Face Food

//How to know when to use Super Herbal Face Food

How to know when to use Super Herbal Face Food

We get asked all the time “when should I use Super Herbal Face F13ood?” so we decided to answer this great question. Our original Herbal Face Food is potent, pure, and 100% plants and amazing for almost every skin care issue from acne to melasma, from eczema to wrinkles, and so much more. If you think that’s amazing then you should check out our Super Herbal Face Food which has the exact same ingredients as our Original HFF, except it is TWO times more potent, pure, and powerful.

For those of you suffering from severe skin issues such as cystic acne or if you want quicker results for your melasma, wrinkles, etc. then the Super HFF is the way to go. If you know anything about our Original HFF then you know our serum comes with an intense heating sensation, but it’s our customers favorite part. Wake up, wash face, apply serum, feel your skin heat up! Trust us, it wakes you up better than coffee.

For most people’s first time trying HFF the heating sensational may feel overwhelming, but after learning it means the antioxidants are working to heal your skin then you’ll start craving the heating. When you move on up to our Super HFF you’ll get twice the results in half the time, plus twice the heating sensation and you’ll loooove it!

A couple of secrets when moving from the Original HFF to our Super:

  1. If needed you can dilute our serum with pure aloe vera gel for less heat
  2. or wash face and wait 20mins for your pores to close then apply

You’ll be craving your Super HFF to heat up your skin instead of a hot cup of coffee…who’re we kidding, coffee is addicting!


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