4 Ingredients with Natural SPF

Beach days, pool parties, and camping trips are going on over here in SoCal so before we soak up the sun, we want you to do it safely. A good natural SPF is hard to find but here are some natural plants, herbs, oils, etc. that contain natural SPF. 1. Red Raspberry Seed Oil - [...]

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5 Ways to Use Herbal Face Food That You Didn’t Know

I love things that have multiple uses or that are all-in-one products, it makes my cupboard space maximized and makes my bank account appreciate my purchases. Which is why we (and many of our customers) love Herbal Face Food™ because it's a serum with a long list of uses. Our serum was designed mostly for [...]

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How to know when to use Super Herbal Face Food

We get asked all the time "when should I use Super Herbal Face Food?" so we decided to answer this great question. Our original Herbal Face Food is potent, pure, and 100% plants and amazing for almost every skin care issue from acne to melasma, from eczema to wrinkles, and so much more. If you think [...]

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Kombucha

Who doesn't crave a sip of soda now and then (Sprite all the way!)....and even though we know how HORRID soda is for us we still crave it's fizzy goodness. If you crave those fizzy drinks then you might as well crave a healthy one, right? Stop reaching for soda and start reaching (or making) for [...]

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Natural Face Lifts are Finally a Thing (seriously!)

You'll often find me in my yoga pants and a smoothie stained t-shirt. Yeah, I'm that girl that wears workout gear even when I'm eating nicecream, but to be fair I do workout. Weeknights I'll be working out and weekends I'll go hiking (or walk to the kitchen for some wine...same thing, right?). Everyday I'm working [...]

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Meditating: Easy Peasy (learn how to start meditating)

Now that we all know why we should be meditating, we thought we'd share simple 3 step info-graph on How to Meditate. First, there is really no wrong way to meditate and we are happy that you're even taking time to relax and find a peaceful mind; but for those not sure how to start [...]

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Why We Should be Meditating

We all have a picture in our minds of what meditating is whether it be taking deep breathes, legs crossed, sitting next to a running river or the last 5 minutes of a yoga class where everyone breathes in unison, lights off, and relaxing after your workout. Though to be more precise meditation is a [...]

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Juice Away Your Acne

Looking for a healthy way to treat your acne from the inside out? Drinking more green juices should be a no-brainer for clearing acne! Adding more juices into your diet will help your health tremendously. So if you're looking to help heal your acne in a healthy way then looking to your diet and health [...]

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