5 Ways to Use Herbal Face Food That You Didn’t Know

//5 Ways to Use Herbal Face Food That You Didn’t Know

5 Ways to Use Herbal Face Food That You Didn’t Know

I love things that have multiple uses or that are all-in-one products, it makes my cupboard space maximized and makes my bank account appreciate my purchases. Which is why we (and many of our customers) love Herbal Face Food™ because it’s a serum with a long list of uses. Our serum was designed mostly for skin use from melasma to large pores, from cystic acne to scarring, and from mild skin issues such as uneven tone to oily (or dry) skin. Trust us there’s more you uses for our serum so keep your bottle handy and in reach!

1. Bleeding Gums: A.K.A. Gingivitis is when there is plaque build up that is Bleeding-Gumsnot being removed and the plaque inflames and irritates your gums, causing them to bleed when brushing or flossing. Put a drop of our serum on your toothbrush and brush your teeth for a couple minutes gently (making sure to get every tooth and all your gums gently). Another great way to use it is when doing oil pulling just add a drop or two to your spoon of oil and swish around for 5-15 mins. Our clove and myrrh are the two ingredients that will help fight your bleeding gums.

2. Herpes: Herpes and cold sores are pretty common and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Our serum helps diminish your outbreaks and sores quick and naturally. We know these can be painful and embarrassing and anyone suffering wants to reduce the amount of days their outbreaks are showing. Just dab on a drop of our HFF serum with your finger on your sore(s). The more times throughout the day that you’re dabbing HFF onto your sore the quicker it usually will disappear.

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath - Solutions

3. Bad Breath: Fighting bad breath can be a smelly (and embarrassing) fight. Well bring HFF into the battle and we’ll help you fight off bad breath. Adding a drop or two to a natural mouthwash (we like doing half a shot glass of warm water and 1tsp of natural salt) then gargle and rinse your mouth with the solution thoroughly. Spit and rinse your mouth out with warm water. Do this twice a day an begin to smell the difference!

4. Sun/Age Spots: Your sun time is catching up to you and has left your hands covered in spots. Don’t let anyone catch onto your age just by looking at your hands. Putting our HFF (or even better our SUPER HFF) serum onto your spots throughout the day a couple times and you’ll start to notice those spots fading. Keep up with it and you’ll have smooth, even tone on your hands and arms. Plus, use our Herbal Body Butter™ for added softness and it even contains our HFF serum so you’ll get those benefits to help diminish your sun/age spots.

5. Warts and Moles: Almost everyone has had (or has) these at some time during their life and yet they’re still slightly embarrassing. Well just take a drop of our HFF serum and put it directly onto your wart and cover with a band-aid. With a mole you can cover it with a band-aid if you want but not necessary. Do this multiple times every day until your wart and moles have vanished. We love before and after pictures, plus you’ll be able to compare to see the little differences.

Simple easy fixes to problems a lot of us face with ourselves. Some that may seem only you’re dealing with and you might feel embarrassed to talk about. A lot of things our bodies go through other people are going through as well. We hope you’ll grab your serum the next time you see a wart sprouting or someone mentions your ‘coffee’ breath to you again. Comment below if you’ve tried any of these and your results.

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