3 Quick Ways to Detox Your Face

//3 Quick Ways to Detox Your Face

3 Quick Ways to Detox Your Face

This is a safe place, right? So when I tell you guys I skipped a couple days of applying my Herbal Face Food, you won’t judge me? We all get busy times in our life so I skipped my skin care routine and up sprouted an enormous forehead zit right before a family event (it’s like my skin planned taking revenge on me for foregoing the HFF). Now that I’m back on my skincare routine and needing a bit extra detoxing I wanted to find a couple SUPER quick ways to detox my face. ‘Cause honestly, who has time for an hour facial everyday?



  1. Activated Charcoal:

    I am falling in love! For something that’s dark and dirty it sure does commeco-ultra-fine-activated-charcoal-diy-face-mask-acne-pimples-zits-natural-vegan-e1461561350567-696x418brighten and clean your pores. Activated charcoal adsorbs any toxins, chemicals, and poisons. Essentially it helps detox your skin; and like any detox there is usually a phase where it gets worse before it gets better. So prepare for a couple more zits popping up before it evens out. Your patience will be rewarded with bright, glowing and smooth skin. Use as a face mask 1-3 times a week.

  2. Apple Cider Vinegar:Braggs-apple-cider-vinegar-weight-loss-plan

    Most of you should have a bottle stored in your cupboard somewhere. I’ll give you a minute to dig it out…………… Now that you’ve got it, START USING IT! The unique acids inACV bind to the toxins and eliminate them, not to mention they provide high levels of natural vitamins, minerals, and even enzymes. So while you detox you face you will be adding in nutrients. Use RAW ACV as a toner with a 50/50 solution with water.

  3. Bentonite Clay:

    This is one of the more popular face masks and I love it. Notbentonite-clay-update only is it fun to watch as it dries and tightens on your face but it feels good knowing you can feel it working. Bentonite Clay will bond to your toxins and impurities while releasing minerals back into your skin. Resulting in healthy clear skin and shrunken pores. Added bonus: it pulls hydrogen from your cells to allow more room for oxygen; this increases circulation. Use as a face mask once a week.

These are our favorites that are all really simple and easy to use. Give them all a go, be prepared for a detoxing phase (if your skin is full of toxins) and your patience will reward you with soft, healthy skin.

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