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Meditating: Easy Peasy (learn how to start meditating)

Now that we all know why we should be meditating, we thought we'd share simple 3 step info-graph on How to Meditate. First, there is really no wrong way to meditate and we are happy that you're even taking time to relax and find a peaceful mind; but for those not sure how to start [...]

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Why We Should be Meditating

We all have a picture in our minds of what meditating is whether it be taking deep breathes, legs crossed, sitting next to a running river or the last 5 minutes of a yoga class where everyone breathes in unison, lights off, and relaxing after your workout. Though to be more precise meditation is a [...]

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Juice Away Your Acne

Looking for a healthy way to treat your acne from the inside out? Drinking more green juices should be a no-brainer for clearing acne! Adding more juices into your diet will help your health tremendously. So if you're looking to help heal your acne in a healthy way then looking to your diet and health [...]

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