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Say No to ‘Quinone…

...hydroquinone that is. Since we've been discussing melasma the last two blogs I want to just go over three typical treatments for melasma. Hydroquinone, laser treatments, and chemical peels. Some other treatments, that we won't get in to, would be tretinoin or corticosteroids and azelaic or kojic acids. Did you have trouble pronouncing most of those? Yeah, [...]

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The Sunny Side of Melasma

    I hope you read my first blog on melasma called 'The Scoop on Melasma'. Don't worry if you didn't, I'll do a brief overview to freshen your memory. Melasma is a skin condition that causes brown to gray-brown patches on the skin and is mostly common in women; and even more common in pregnant [...]

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The Scoop on Melasma

Living in California, with our abundance of sun, I've seen many people with sun damage and sun spots. Or at least I just assumed it was sun damage, until I started hearing more and more about melasma. I started to research and I realized most of the ladies I'd seen with gray-brown patches on their [...]

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Top Twenty-Two to Trash

  Organic, organic, organic! It's on the rise, everywhere you go that word appears; and even more so recently. We are so happy that more people are starting to recognize what they're putting into their bodies, and that organic and natural really do make a difference. But did you guys know 60% of what you [...]

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